Book Spotlight: Just One More

Do you know that feeling when a book you love returns to you? I left one of Bonnie’s favorite books at my dad’s house (#momfail) and, a year or so later, it finally found its way home. Thanks, Nana! The best part? It is STILL a book she wants to read over and over. I love it when a book holds up over time, so I just had to share it with you guys!

Just One More by Jennifer Hansen Rolli puts the adorable face of Ruby to one of my Bear’s most favorite and often repeated phrases as a three year old, “can I have just one more…”

To energetic little Ruby, more is always better. One more hair thingy, one more ride, one more minute, one more scoop of ice cream. Until…

Our favorite page!

Ruby learns that sometimes one IS enough. (Except in the case of bed time kisses.)

Rolli’s beautifully done oil paintings fill each page with so much personality and fun. This charming book is just right. I promise you’ll want to read it aloud just one more time, at least!

Some little extras:

An author interview with Jennifer Hansen Rolli can be found here.

Homeschool mamas, teachers, and librarians, you can find an awesome teaching guide with some fun lesson ideas here.

Do you Pinterest? I loved seeing the author’s early ideas for Ruby and the book on her Pinterest board here.


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