Book Spotlight: Goodnight Spaceman

When it comes to learning, a lot of times my strategy is to pick out books that encourage my kids’ natural interests and curiosities. I like to follow their lead, and at just three years old, Bonnie can already tell you that Saturn is her favorite planet, along with the names of most of the other “just ok” planets. I know space books are often marketed to boys, but girls can love space too! We often pretend her bed is a rocket ship when it’s bedtime, so I was so excited to jump in her rocket ship and share with her the first EVER bedtime story read and recorded IN SPACE!

How cool is that? EAS astronaut Tim Peake read and recorded Goodnight Spaceman from the international space station, and a CD of his reading is included with the book. One track is just the story, and the other track has the old fashioned read along sounds that let you know when to turn the page. Bear is just starting to love read alongs. They allow her some reading independence and help her learn listening skills. Also I’ve discovered they are a great quiet time activity when mama needs to nurse the baby or daddy is washing the dishes.

I have been trying to incorporate Margaret into story time more often because I know I’m guilty of reading Bonnie books that are longer than Margaret’s mouse size attention span. I think my favorite thing about this book is that the words are simple enough on each page to make it a great read for both girls. Bonnie enjoyed the subject and space illustrations, and Margaret seem to like the rhyming rhythm and simple text.

Inspired by Tim Peake’s sons, the book follows a pair of boys getting ready for bed and missing their dad. He is an astronaut, and as they say goodnight, they start to imagine what it would be like to join him on the space station for an adventure.

Even though we’ve learned a lot already about rocket ships and astronauts (Thanks Ready Jet Go), the whole concept of the space station was new to Bonnie. We talked a lot about how astronauts from different countries live on the space station and perform science experiments and missions in space. She was captivated. I’m excited to use this book as a jumping off place to explore even more about astronauts in the space station with her.

I loved Mr. Peake’s letter to readers encouraging boys and girls to become the next generation of space explorers. This is such a great early STEM read that I think it just might inspire a few future astronauts.

Little Extras:

More about EAS Astronaut Time Peake here

This would be a great book to include in a preschool space unit. The “beyond the book” activities are endless, but I’ve collected a few of my favorites on this Pinterest board. Check it out here.

This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by SocialBookCo, where you can compare book prices and save on all your book purchases. Get Goodnight Spaceman: Book and CD by Michelle Robinson & Nick East at the best price here. This edition is a paperback copy published in October 2016 by Puffin.

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