Bear and Mouse Read Christmas: Maple and Willow’s Christmas Tree

Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!

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Secretly every time I watch “White Christmas” I hope one day Bonnie and Margaret will learn the fan dance, become a singing duo, and wear matching dresses forever, because look how cute they are when they match! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. We’ve been so busy with these two that between fighting off colds, busy schedules, and all the every day stuff, I’ve put off sharing our Christmas book picks. Today I wanted to share with you our favorite kid’s lit sisters, Maple and Willow, and their newest book Maple and Willow’s Christmas Tree, just in time for Christmas.

I fell in love with Lori Nichols’ illustrations and books when we received Maple from the Imagination Library. Bonnie was about to become a big sister, and it was such an adorable, perfect story she related to and loved. Lori has written and illustrated a few more Maple and Willow books since then, and in this one, the sisters are getting ready for Christmas…. hard work!

And for two girls who really love trees in a special way, that means picking out JUST the right Christmas tree! It can’t be too big, OR too small….

Now, we’ve always been an artificial tree kind of family, and for good reason. Just like Maple, I turn into Rudolph when we bring one of those amazing smelling fresh trees inside. I won’t lie, I do love going to a farm, cutting down the perfect tree, and bringing it home to decorate – so much more Christmasy than lugging our artificial tree out of the attic and dusting it off, but sometimes there must be compromises.


After discovering Maple’s allergy, Maple and Willow have to move their perfect tree outside, and Willow takes her disappointment out on Maple. Harsh words are spoken, feelings are hurt, Christmas seems RUINED! In the end, of course, Willow finds a creative way to make up with her sister, and surprises her with a very special decorated ladder tree. Even though it’s her year to put the star on top, Willow lets Maple take her turn – Bonnie’s FAVORITE part.

I loved this sweet, simple sister tale that encourages thoughtfulness, compromise, and saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone’s feelings. Check out the book trailer below. This would be a great one to tuck under the tree!

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