Bear and Mouse Read Christmas: Goodnight Manger

Can you believe tomorrow is December? WHAT HAPPENED?! Margaret is about to have her first birthday, but it seems like just yesterday she was our little blanket burrito baby in the hospital. I have all of the girls’ Christmas (and birthday) shopping done, and that feels good. All you other people I have to shop for, well, thankfully there’s Amazon Prime 2 day shipping.

So, if you couldn’t guess we LOVE Christmas books at our house. Pulling them out of the attic was almost as exciting to me as putting the star on top of tree was to Bonnie… but not quite… check out that face!


We Just ventured into Advent season, and books are a big part of our family traditions as we look forward to celebrating Christ’s birth. We do Santa, too, but we try (it ain’t easy) to keep the main thing the main thing. In this blog series, I’m excited to share some of our favorite books of the season to add to your Christmas shelf!

I’m always struggling with how to bring big truths and complex stories down to Bear’s level. I fumble around with my own words, and then I open a book. Goodnight Manger is one of my favorite Christmas board books on our shelf, because it makes the story of Christmas so accessible to Bonnie. Written in rhyming verse, we get a peak at the noise and commotion of the stable the night Jesus was born. Noisy animals, singing angels, and one unexpected visitor after another. How will Mary ever get some peace and quiet so baby Jesus can sleep?

The more we have talked about the Christmas story, the more I’ve found the details of this book really stuck with Bear.

“Mama, did baby Jesus sleep in the hay? Was it scratchy? Maybe a chicken gave him some soft feathers.”

I’ve even caught her pretending the nativity angels are singing too loud while Mary shushes them. The familiarity of coaxing a baby to sleep – something she’s watched every day at our house for the last year – makes the perfect foundation for those just beginning to understand the special details of the Christmas story.

Goodnight Manger was provided to me in exchange for my honest review by Book Look Bloggers

You can find your copy here or on Amazon here (affiliate link)

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