A Rainy Day Book: Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud

Today I wanted to share a perfect rainy day book to make this gloomy day a little brighter! Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud is a new release from Flying Eye Books written by award winning illustrator and author Katie Harnett. I was totally smitten with the digital review copy we received and can’t wait to share the printed copy coming out this week with my girls!

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In this story, a lonely rain cloud goes looking for a friend – and who doesn’t want to be friends with a rain cloud??

The poor rain cloud, rejected by all the sun-lovers he’s tried to befriend, finally spies a grumpy little girl who he thinks may just need a friend.

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The pictures reveal this little girl happens to be a florist. A very grumpy florist with floppy, withering sad plants (not unlike some of my own neglected plant babies!). She is grumpy when she waters them, grumpy when she arranges them, grumpy at the market and the metro. So, the cloud sets out to win her friendship.

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“Being grumpy is just another way to be sad, he thought” … “And then he thought another little thought” So the rain cloud did what rain clouds do best, and an unlikely friendship was born.

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Now, if someone could just send me over my own personal rain cloud to take care of my plants, that would be lovely. Full of subtle humor and gentle insight into emotions and friendship, I loved this sweet story!

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